Coral 2-2

Coral is the youngest among the Princesses. She's very girlish and the only Princess that wears a skirt when transformed into a Pirate.

Coral loves clothes and Make-up.[1] She becomes very mad when someone causes her to break her nail or ruin her clothes. The young princess got a quite fiery temper and is not afraid to be in the middle of the action. Though sometimes she can be a bit lazy and might not be the first to volunteer for a task.[2]

Appearance Edit

Coral got volumes fiery red Hair. Her Eyes are green.

Pirate Edit

As a Pirate Corals hair seems to be more untamed and her bangs are swept to the side. Her Pirate Clothes feature a pink Jacket with short Sleeves and golden trim. She wears a purple Corset also with golden trim and the dark red Skirt with a white Underskirt. She also wears pink Boots. Her Outfit is accentuated with a choker and big golden earnings. She also has a Skull tattoo on her left arm.[3]

School Uniform Edit

When wearing her School Uniform Corals Hair is more tidy and her Bangs are straight. She wears a silver crown shaped out of three triangles with a hear in the middle. She also wears small silver Earrings and a silver Necklace. Corals Uniform Skirt is blue and made of three layers. Each Layer has a white trim. Over her white blouse she got a red Top. Over that she wears a short Blazer which is also red.[3] She wears closed, low-cut shoes with a small heel and a strap across the instep together with Kneesocks. The color of the Shoes and Socks are Unknown.

Princess Edit

Corals Princess Gown has five Layers of Pink sparkly Fabric. The Top is of the same color as her pirate corset but has more gold trim and a little bow in the front. She also wears long cloves in the same color as the gown. Her Jewellery is silver but the crown and necklace look different then with the school uniform, only the earrings are the same.

First Promotion Edit

In the first Promotion Picture Corals hair was Crimson. Her Eyes were blue. She wore a light pink ribbon in her hair and a dress in the same color. The top was a bit darker. She wore a brown under-bust corset and brown fold over boots. Her Earrings were silver with a red stone and her necklace was made of light pink pears with a red stone in the Middle.[4]

Ring Power Edit

Corals Ring allows her to control the Elements such as wind and rain. To save Pegasus from the evil queen Obsidian she calls the Wind to fill the Sails of the Ship so it can be moved out of the Cave.[1]

But sometimes Coral struggles to control her magical Power and this can be very troublesome for the group.[2]

Appearance in the Activity Book Series Edit

In "Friendship Bracelet", when explaining the "Loopy Look" it says that Coral likes two-toned bracelets. The colors used are pink and brown. The "ZIgga Zagga" is referent to as Corals favourite Bracelet. [5]

In "Nail Art" Coral is featured among the dots and check designs. Also the "Love & Kisses" Designs are tied to Coral.[6]

In "Party Hair" Coral is shown among a braid hairstyle and an up-do.[7]

In "Princess Party" Corals Party Activity is making Friendship Bracelets. She is then shown again on the Page with a Recipe for a Milkshake.[8]

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