Pearl is the smallest among the Princesses. She is enjoying Life to it's fullest and always got a Smile on her Lips.

Sometimes Pearl can be a little clumsy

Appearance Edit

Pearl got blond Hair and Blue Eyes

Pirate Edit

As a Pirate Pearl has her Hair styled in two Pigtails on top of her Head tied with blue Bands. She wears a blue short Blouse with rolled up sleeves which is laced up with white strings in the front. The hem of her blue and white striped pants is shredded and she wears a red Sash around her hips. Her shoes are black with golden buckles.[1]

School Uniform Edit

Pearls School Uniform shows a white blouse with puffy short sleeves. She wears a blue layered skirts with white trims, the second Layer has a white stripe in addition. Her shoes are low-cut and closed with a small heel and a strap across the instep. The color of the Shoes are Unknown. Pearl also wears white short Gloves with her School Uniform and has a white Handbag. Her Hair is styled in an Up-do. She wears a pearl necklace, earrings with dark blue stones and a silver tiara with green stones. [2]

Princess Edit

As a Princess Pearl wear white long gloves. Her dress is blue with several cascades in a light blue shade. The bodice is also light blue with white stripes across. She has white earrings in a triangular shape and wears a pearl necklace. Her tiara resembles the shape of shells and decorated with 3 light pink pearls. As a Princess Pearl wears her Hair in a high bun.

First Promotion Edit

In the First Promotion Pearl had Pigtails and her hair was neatly parted in the middle. She wears a blue scarf. Her blouse got short sleeves and is cropped above her waist. Over that she wears a darker blue knitted vest which is also cropped to the same length. Instead of the Sash she wears a big teal belt. The pants are white and blue stripped. The Promotion Picture didn't reveal the length of the pants nor the Shoes.[3]

Ring Power Edit

Pearl's Ring allows her to transform into a Mermaid.

She uses her ability and tries to push the Ship out of the Cave when they are under Attack by Queen Obsidian.[4] As a Mermaid she also rescues Topaz from drowning.[5]

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